Investment in Real Estate


Greenstone Pacific offers investors an opportunity to acquire real estate on profitable terms abroad, particularly in Canada.

We will pick up a ready-made business in the form of residential or commercial buildings located in prestigious parts of Canada for the purpose of generating passive income. And to ensure a high return on investment in the interests of our investors we are striking deals:

    • to acquire land for residential development;
    • buyout old housing stock for the purpose of redevelopment.

Our experts will give you a detailed account of the prospects for investing in real estate in Canada, as well as assess the investment attractiveness of the property site with the regard to economic, geographic, social and other factors. As a result, the investor will receive a detailed analysis of the project and a ready-made strategy for investing in real estate in Canada.

We will offer a variety of real estate properties that meet all your needs and objectives:

      • residential property;
      • commercial premises or land plots for development/redevelopment;
      • investment in profitable real estate with subsequent renting out.

The transaction support for real estate located abroad is a rather complex process consisting of several stages, including legal review of documents, drafting of sales or rent contracts, obtaining title documents.

Our working partnership with professional lawyers and notaries in Vancouver enables us to provide reliable and transparent transaction support of real estate.

Leave a request for personal property selection in Canada

and we will provide a detailed description of possible real estate projects in Canada.