Is it worth building house in Canada yourself?


Sooner or later many Canadians or people who immigrated to Canada ask themselves a question related to their own real estate, and often it sounds like this: “Can I purchase a land plot in Canada and build a house myself?” The answer is: “Yes, of course. Canada is a free country and you can do whatever you want if it is not prohibited by law”. As a rule, after purchasing a land plot you can build any house you want. But a number of logical counter questions arise: “What is the main motive? Why buying a land plot and why did you decide to build a house yourself?”

The logic is that people act under two motives: by building their own house it is possible to save a considerable amount on construction. Partly it is true, but provided that you should know exactly what to do and be an expert in construction. In Canada, a professional approach in all areas is highly appreciated. Construction industry is of no exception. The second motive is the desire to create something unique with individually planned design, so to say, a “dream house”. The problem of most people is that any thinking has a certain stereotype. For example, a person who was previously involved in construction, for example, in Russia, when coming to Canada will also be able to successfully do this and implement any ideas. It is true that in most cases people in former CIS countries build their own housing independently, involving individuals to perform different works. In Canada, everything is quite the opposite. None of the Canadians build housing themselves.

Construction companies in Canada, having a long history and hundreds of implemented projects, buy dozens of hectares of land and erect hundreds of houses. Moreover, when constructing entire residential areas, they also create necessary infrastructure: provide gas supply, pull water and sewage pipes, connect to power grids and construct access roads. None of owners or buyers of housing deals with these issues independently.

There is a gradation of districts according to social level in Canadian cities. There are streets where only $1 million worth of houses are being built. On these you will never find small detached houses, and large mansions next to them, as City Halls of Canadian cities strictly monitor compliance with such division. Thus, construction industry is completely different in Canada.

Where can I build residential real estate?

You can build everywhere where it is not forbidden. Everything is simple. For example, often this applies to cases when among the old, prestigious, beautiful area, where new mansions and palaces are built, you can find a number of houses that were built in the 60’s and 70’s, which are now decaying, but they are constructed on a large land plot. In Canada, such objects are “hunted” for in the literal sense.

As a rule, such land plot is redeemed for the sake of the land with purpose of demolishing the old structure and erecting a new good house worth 2-3-4 million dollars. In prestigious districts of Vancouver, for example, in West Vancouver, if you find such an old house, its average cost will be 1.2-1.5 million dollars and this includes only the cost of the plot, on which it is located. Having demolished the old building and investing about $1 million in construction of a new house, as a result you will receive a new real estate with a market value of up to $3-3.5 million.

There is one “but”, in such districts you are required to involve to construction real professionals who fully understand what they are doing. Construction in Vancouver is not an industry for amateurs and experiments are unwanted.

Greenstone Pacific ( is the company that specializes in organization of construction (development) of detached houses in Canada, in particular, in Vancouver. We are a team of professionals who understand what exactly and how to build. Greenstone Pacific can redeem the dilapidated or old house in a prestigious area for the benefit of the customer at most favorable prices and ensure construction of your house.

If in CIS countries it is customary to deliver a house in “shell condition”, without finishing and plastering, not to mention furniture, by choosing a development partner in Canada in person of Greenstone Pacific you will get a “turn-key ready” house. All communications will be connected: gas, electricity, water, sewerage. Marble or granite worktop, hanging lockers in kitchen, you will have flooring, painted walls, ceilings, all you need to do is just come with your belongings and enjoy life in your new house. Moreover, we will provide basic furnishing of the house.

Therefore, the answer to the main question of the article: “Is it possible to build a house in Canada yourself?” is: “Yes, it is possible! But is it necessary?” If you are not an expert in this area, you are unlikely to build a house yourself better than professionals will do, and it is far from certain that in the end the house will be cheaper. We recommend relying only on architects or designers when developing any individual ideas.